Struggling with debt

- Case Description

Meet Darren, he is 47 year old man who has a repayment mortgage jointly own with his partner Sam. They have 2 children together James and Billy.

Darren works in hospitality and has been unable to work for most of the last 18 months due to the pandemic. Darren is very concerned about his finances as he has built up a significant amount of debt on credit cards. He has had to use them to make up any shortfalls each month and now is concerned he won’t be able to pay the money back he owes.

Client Summary

Sam is not aware of how bad the debt is, he thought things would get better as time has gone on so did not want to worry her. He has not told anyone as he is very ashamed and does not want to admit that he has not been able to provide for his wife and family during such a difficult time. He is not sleeping at night and feels he has nowhere to turn, he is too embarrassed to call one of the advertised debt helplines.

Darren is not aware of what help can be provided for people in his situation as he has never been in trouble with money or known anyone who has been through this before.

Darren would like to discuss his options with a mortgage adviser to see what his solutions are but is scared that they will judge him for being a failure or tell him that there is nothing he can do. He is also wondering about what options would be available for him and his wife if one of them was unable to work for an extended period of time due to health so they are both covered if a situation similar to this happens again.

Where can he find someone that can help .................?

How we helped


Established how much Darren & Sam could afford on a re-mortgage including fully repaying the outstanding debt


Found the right solution and obtained a successful mortgage agreement in principle


Reviewed overall protection to ensure they are covered especially around income protection


Released extra cash!


Darren & Sam were able to re-mortgage their existing home with a new lender at a lower rate and without any lender fees.  They are saving a significant amount of money each month even with borrowing some additional funds to finish off home improvements.

They have also been able to protect themselves and are safe in the knowledge that if life thows a curve ball, they don't have any financial worries.


Wow, what a wonderful lady Lisa Parmley is.  Not only has she sorted a mortgage out for us, she found one that I could absorb my debts into.  I can now sleep at night and have learnt a valuable lesson!  Thank you Lisa, I'm so glad I found you.

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