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Meet Jack, he is 26 years old and lives at home with his Mum and Dad Jeff and Linda, Jack raises his eyebrows when we mention his parents.

Jack’s parents are a lot older than him, and Jack is an only child. They have always lived in a mid-terraced house in a small town where he went to school. He recently has been struggling living at home as he feels like he is arguing with his parents a lot, because of this he is wanting to have his own space.

Client Summary

Jack spent a bit of time living in a city when he was at university and craves these years again as he felt fully independent and enjoyed living in a faster pace environment, he hated moving home.

He currently works in the city as an IT designer earning £22,000 and has been told he is likely to receive a promotion in the next 6 months and is likely to be earning over £25,000. Jack has worked really hard to make a good impression at his new job and is very excited at the possibility of earning more money.

Jack’s friends have recently purchased their own homes, and this is adding to the pressure of wanting to move into the city and have his own home. However, Jack has some nerves about the process of buying a home. One of the reasons is that his friend Steve has had a bad experience when trying to buy a property with a broker, he was not communicated to or kept in the loop, this resulted in him losing the house and £3,000 in legal costs. Jack is horrified at the thought of losing this sort of money as he has worked hard to build up his savings.

Another reason Jack is feeling anxious is because when he was trying to do some research for himself online, he could not find any clear information. He contacted his bank to see if he could organise a meeting to discuss his mortgage options, but they said they had a two week wait on appointments and the appointment would take two hours.

His last hope was his parents, but they were not able to answer all his questions as they have not bought a property in over 30 years so are not quite sure or cannot remember how the whole process works. Jack is feeling very lost, confused and alone at the thought of trying to buy his own home.  What can he do ..............?

How we helped


Established how much Jack could afford to spend


Gave Jack a few options how he can own his own home


Found the right package and obtained an mortgage agreement in principle


Worked with Jack to help him understand how to protect his assets


Celebrated with Jack when he collected the keys to his very first home


Jack not only was able to work with us to understand the mortgage process but now understands his financial situation.

He now owns his own home and is able to save for the future safe in the knowledge that he has protected his assets.


Thank you so much for helping me with this process.  I was starting to think that I would never own a home of my own.

Lisa and India were always so helpful and kind in helping me to understand what was going on.  There was never any time I felt that I didn't have communication from them.

I completely recommend Lisa Parmley Mortgage Management to everyone, they are the best.


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