Equity Release

releasing equity

- Case Description

Meet Richard and Jane who are a married couple in their 70’s. Around 5 years ago they moved to Devon as the house prices were less expensive than the area they lived in before. By moving they were able to buy their home without a mortgage and fulfil their dream of owning their own home.

They have enjoyed the last 5 years by the sea, but they have struggled being so far away from their family and friends. They have concerns about getting older and not having the support network around them if something were to happen with their health. Their children and grandchildren are very keen for them to move back closer to where they live so they can spend more time with them.

Client Summary

They have been researching house prices closer to their family, but they would not be able to afford the type of house they would like and do not want to take out a traditional mortgage and pay monthly fees, they are lost at what to do and are desperate for some guidance.

They are feeling very stuck as they love their home in Devon and do not want to settle for a house that does not fit their needs and desires due to the house prices. They also know that if they bought a house closer to their family this would be their forever home as they do not plan to move again.

They are not great on computers but have managed to find some information about ‘equity release’ and know they may qualify due to their age. However, this does worry them as they once had a neighbour who told them she had organised an equity release on her property and no longer owned it! They definitely want to know they own their own home as this is what they have worked hard for all of their working lives.

They are very confused by the website as it has a calculator that tells them how much they could borrow on a property value and their ages but have no idea if this means they could move house with this type of option??

They desperately want someone to speak to face to face who will help them and take time to explain everything so they can fully understand before they make a life changing decision.  What can they do ..............?

How we helped


We reasurred Richard & Jane through research and market knowledge


Options were presented to them both with family present


All options were fully explained without fancy jargon


Protection insurance was explained and explored


A lovely product was secured which allowed Richard & Jane to move closer to and spend time with their family


Richard & Jane were able to release funds from their home in Devon which gave them the flexibility to find the right home for them nearer to their family.  By working through all the options available to them in the current market, Richard & Jane felt comfortable and at ease with the whole process.  They were able to ask questions and not feel presured in any way.


We cannot believe after a very relaxed, informative meeting with Lisa how our lives have changed.

Equity Release in our past history of how it worked seemed to always have a bad stigma attached to how it was run.  However after having a consultation with Lisa, we were surprised to find how much it has changed and decided to proceed.

We have now sold our old house and moved into a lovely home nearer our family.  Mortgage free and cash in bank for our retirement.  Equity release has certainly made a difference to our lives.  Thank you Lisa.

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Meet Richard and Jane who are a married couple in their 70’s. Around 5 years ago they moved to Devon as the house prices were less expensive than the area they lived in before.