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Buy to let mortgages can be quite specialised in that you will be submitting an application for funds to purchase a property that you intend to rent out to someone else.  Not all Buy to Let mortgages are regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority. We have extensive experience in this market and understand the details and intracies required for a successful application.  It's our job to find you the best possible rates and lenders to secure the best deal.

Working closely with you every step of the way we aim to take the stress away, leaving you to enjoy the fun bits!

To give you an idea how we work, we’ve mapped out how the buy to let mortgage process works below.

Buy an investment home

Lets chat and get to know each other a little.  As us questions, have a chat and start to know that we've got you covered.

Fact Finding

Lets meet and have a coffee, whether thats face to face, by telephone or a video call.  The objective is to truly understand your needs and priorities now and into the future.

Research Time

We now go and look for the most appropriate lender/product from the whole of the market.  We will provide you with tailored advice to your priorities & your affordability calculation.  Our research and findings will give you understanding of your maximum borrowing amount, which will be useful when you start looking for your investment property.


This is where we get together again for a short call so we can fully explain our findings being the most appropriate lender, product and why.  We will go through any fees payable during the process and of course, all the typical monthly repayments now and into the future.  You can ask as many questions as you like, questions are good!

Lets do this

You've decided you'd like to proceed with one of the options we've worked through together, that's great.  What we need now is to give you a bit of a shopping list so we can begin the application process on your behalf.  We'll be asking for documents such as your compliance documents, payslips, bank statements, proof of id and probably a few more!  Again, any questions whatsoever, just let us know.

Agreement in Principle

We have obtained the Agreement in Principle for you which means you have a certificate to show Estate Agents proving you are in a strong financial position to view and offer on properties.

Whilst your application is progressing we will provide ongoing support with your mortgage application through to the exchange of contracts and completion which is the day you get the keys to your home.  This means we will liaise with solicitors, lenders, estate agents and completely keep you in the loop throughout


The offer you placed on the property has been accepted, this is a huge step!

As we have already done all the background work together, all the necessary information is ready to go to proceed with your full mortgage application.  There is nothing more we can do with your application now other than wait!

Protection review

Whilst your mortgage application is progressing it is time to make sure you are aware of the importance of protecting you and your property for future events.  We can run through a full review of any existing cover you may have already in place with employer benefits and any current policies, looking at any shortfalls and what's important to you to address so you do not risk losing your home!  We can also review Landlords Insurance in readiness for when the mortgage completes.

Ongoing support

We will supply you with ongoing support with your mortgage application through to you exchanging contracts and completing on the mortgage.  We will regularly monitor the progress of your application and liaise with solicitors, lenders, estate agents and completely keep you in the loop throughout.

Officially a Landord!

Congratulations!  You are officially a landlord and we are sure you can't wait to get cracking on making the property ship shape in order to get it rented out.  Have fun and good luck from us.

General Mortgages

Fee: £499

We provide a highly personalised service that is second to none and includes:

    • Dedicating the time to extensively research the market from our network of mortgage companies to find a solution that works best for you and your pocket
    • Providing full administrative support to make the process as smooth, seamless and enjoyable as possible
    • Arranging a decision in principle from the mortgage provider
    • Completing the full mortgage application paperwork on your behalf
    • Providing any further documentation required from the lender with no time delays
    • Chasing solicitors, estate agents and lenders on your behalf
    • Keeping you updated every step of the way
    • Responding to all your enquiries and questions within one working day of receiving correspondence
    • We will not charge our professional fee until the mortgage is fully approved and a formal offer is issued


It was a wonderful experience quick and fast and effective no messing about well worth the service I recommend anybody using it.

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